About Us

Lobb is an e-commerce platform for the trucking industry. It helps truckers and transporters to do business transactions in a more transparent, efficient and profitable manner ensuring a much better experience for all parties concerned OR for all stakeholders.

Profitable and predictable business- with ease

Lobb is a proactive platform that generates real time alerts for each load added to the system. It also facilitates comparative analysis of freight rates, helping subscribed members to do more profitable business transactions. Lobb helps make the trucker's business more predictable through quicker discovery of return loads and information on profitable routes leading to a maximum run time for each truck. Lobb's decision support systems generate select management reports and dashboards at periodic intervals, to help transporters and truck owners plan and execute their business better.

Value for each stake holder

Trucker / Truck Owner

As a trucker you get real time alerts for each load added on your preferred routes. Maximum run time is ensured by sharing information on return load availability in proactive manner, based on the estimated time of arrival. You are in constant touch with your driver in real time and he can connect with you or the customer with one click !

Transporter / Logistics Company

As a transporter you have better visibility of the demand and supply of loads on each route of interest. You get anytime access to authenticated documents for all trucks registered on the Lobb system. You get real time alerts, with competitive quotes, for each load to facilitate speedier and more efficient transactions which result in significant cost savings and improved profitability.


As a customer you are informed, in real time, about the current location of your goods. So say goodbye to follow-up headaches! You can also plan your downstream and last mile logistics for more efficient operations.